The Rage Begins

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“My vision is to use cinema as a force for change and promote Kannada culture across the globe. At Hombale Films, we strive to produce entertaining and compelling content shaped to cater to a global audience, while adhering to our Kannada roots. "

Vijay Kiragandur

Founder - Hombale Films

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Redefining Indian Cinema for Global Audience

Hombale Films, founded by film producer Vijay Kiragandur and Chaluve Gowda, is a dynamic movie production house committed to crafting captivating content for audiences worldwide. Our journey began with the inaugural film production, ‘Ninnindhale,’ starring the indomitable Puneeth Rajkumar, which served as a stepping stone towards our mission of creating quality films that resonate with viewers. Since then, we have consistently delivered critically acclaimed blockbusters, ranging from ‘Raajakumara‘ to the iconic ‘KGF: Chapter 1,2‘ and ‘Kantara.’

At Hombale, we strive to set new benchmarks in the art of filmmaking, from production to marketing and distribution. Recognizing the growing demand for on-demand content through digital platforms, we have strategically leveraged streaming services for the distribution of our films and music. Today, Hombale Films stands as one of the most sought-after production houses in the industry, having collaborated with numerous esteemed professionals.

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Creating genre-defining films, delivering record-breaking hits, and entertaining audiences worldwide.
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Teaming up with the best talent in the Indian film industry for remarkable partnerships.
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Scriptwriters with a knack to transport you to a different world through immersive storytelling


Hombale Films has won numerous awards for its projects and ventures.

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International Iconic Awards Hombale Films
Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival DPIFF 4 Hombale Films
Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival DPIFF 3 Hombale Films
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3 Hombale Films
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The most violent men.... Called one man.... The most violent"



The Rage Begins


When society becomes a jungle...
And only one predator roars for justice

Richard Anthony

Lord of the Sea

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