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Take your first step into the KGF metaverse by joining the  KGFverse, an expansion of the popular cinematic phenomenon K.G.F. by Homable Films. Buy a token pass to participate in cool games, events, receive Avatar NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and merchandise from the K.G.F. ecosystem.


Games & Events

Participate in exciting games & events
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Gain access to exclusive KGF merchandise
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Avatar NFTs

Stand a chance to win KGF avatar NFTs
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kgfverse eldorado token

Get a token for exclusive access

Grab your limited edition El Dorado token, which grants you access to Rocky Bhai’s world in the KGFverse. This is your exclusive access to Avatar NFTs, digital art and authentic KGF creatives.

Mint your token on the reveal day

Before he attained boss form, Rocky was a regular guy. To witness the evolution of Rocky and his uber cool metaverse, join the KGFverse. Fun games, rewards, cool experiences and Avatar NFTs await.  Only 10000 NFTs available, so HURRY and join NOW!  

kgfverse rocky mumbai avatar nft

Rocky Mumbai
Avatar NFTs

kgfverse rocky narachi avatar nft

Narachi Rocky
Avatar NFTs

kgfverse toofan rocky avatar nft

Rocky Toofan
Avatar NFTs

How to get your NFT token?


Install MetaMask wallet by visiting their website here.


Add polygon Mainnet to Your Metamask wallet


Add 7.1 MATIC to your wallet


Open movies.lysto.io and connect your Metamask wallet and buy your KGF Eldorado token.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions below. If you feel your questions are still unanswered. You can reach out to us on our email kgffandom@hombalefilms.com


NFTs or non-funglible tokens are a digital asset that uses blockchain to verify the ownership of digital or real world items such as art, images, videos, audios, collectibles etc.

To access the KGFverse you will have to purchase an “El Dorado” token which is a NFT.
Some lucky pass holders stand a chance to win a KGF Avatar as an NFT.

Yes, you will need MATIC (Polygon) cryptocurrency to purchase the NFT tokens listed on our platform. The cryptocurrency should be present in your MetaMask Wallet. Please ensure that you add an additional 0.1 MATIC to your wallet to account for Gas Fees.

Gas Fees refers to the fee required to perform a transaction on the Polygon Network. Users will have to pay gas fees in addition to the price of the NFT. The Gas fees will be nominal and vary based on network traffic.

To view all the NFTs that you have purchased, you will have to connect your MetaMask wallet and click on ‘My NFTs’. You will be able to see all the KGF Access Passes(El Dorado tokens) you have purchased along with any KGF Avatar NFTs you may have received as a reward.


MetaMask is a wallet that is used for managing and transferring cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Yes, it is mandatory to have a MetaMask Wallet.

Yes, you can use an existing MetaMask wallet.

You can install MetaMask wallet by visiting their website here.

MetaMask wallet is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge.

MATIC can be added to your wallet in the following ways:

Through a Payment Gateway:
1. Enter your MetaMask Wallet Address
2. Enter the amount in MATIC or any fiat currency(INR/USD) of your choice.
3. Please ensure that you select the network as ‘Polygon/Matic Mainnet’ and not ‘ERC – 20’ or the like.
4. Complete the KYC process, if any.
5. Once KYC is completed, please choose a method of payment of your choice (Card/UPI/Net Banking) to complete the payment.
6. Once the payment is completed, MATIC should be deposited in your wallet within 5-15 minutes.
7. Alternatively, you can check your balance on polygonscan.com
The following are some of the payment gateways that you can use : Transak.com

Withdrawal from a Crypto Exchange:

1. Create an account on a Crypto Exchange.
2. Complete the KYC process, if any.
3. Purchase MATIC.
4. Withdraw MATIC to your MetaMask wallet using your wallet address on Polygon network and not ‘ERC – 20’ or the like.
5. Once the withdrawal is completed successfully, MATIC should be deposited in your wallet.

The following are some of the Crypto exchanges that have a low withdrawal fees:

Disclaimer : We do not endorse any of the payment gateways or Crypto exchanges mentioned above. These are popular options available in the market. Please use them at your own discretion.

MetaMask users can inturn swap their ether with Matic using the Swap functionality in MetaMask. Please check the following video for further information : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeu-a-W2qJQ

You can refer to the FAQ section on MetaMask site here.


The KGFverse is an expansion of the popular phenomenon K.G.F. by Homable Films. Buy a token pass to participate in cool games, events, receive Avatar NFTs and merchandise from the K.G.F. ecosystem.

If you purchase a El Dorado membership token, you stand a chance to win an exclusive Avatar NFT of Rocky and be part of an exclusive KGF Fan Club.

The rewards will be revealed on April 14, 2022.

Yes, You can view the colllection here on OpenSea.<to be linked>


Kindly join our discord server here for any queries here.

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