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2021: The year that was swalpa sihi, swalpa kahi for Sandalwood

For Sandalwood fans, 2021 is an unforgettable year….strewn with successes and tragedies alike. Here’s a recap of the year that’s almost over…

Goodbye Gandhinagar?
For decades, Gandhinagar has been the mainstay of the Kannada film industry, especially with the ‘main theatres’ on KG Road determining the worth and success of a film. This year saw the closure of many of those halls and filmmakers have just three theatres to choose from for their release. This led to newer release plans and cinema halls across Bengaluru and Karnataka gained more prominence. Mysuru and other cities also saw big single screens closing. This has led to a re-evaluation of business models and returns in the post-pandemic world, with OTT releases forming a big component of film sales.

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