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Democracy will be back in Rakshit Shetty’s Richard Anthony, but with changes

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Ever since Rakshit Shetty announced his directorial comeback with Richard Anthony, which brings back his iconic character Richie from Ulidavaru Kandante, there has been a lot of excitement. In fact, audiences have been curious about how many of the other characters will be seen in the film.

Recently, during an interaction about Ulidavaru Kandante and his new film on social media, Bangalore Times quizzed Rakshit on the character of Democracy. When quizzed on who it was modeled on, Rakshit replied, “The character was based on my understanding of many things and my memories while growing up. So, in many ways, what Democracy spoke in the film was modeled on my thoughts in life.”

When asked if Democracy will be seen in Richard Anthony, Rakshit responded, “He is going to be among the five main characters in the film, just as we had five characters in Ulidavaru Kandante. His perception about things will have changed and we will get to see him in a different way.”

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