KGF Chapter 2 Teaser Record: Unbelievable but true! This rare feat achieved, still seems unstoppable

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It’s a massive achievement for the KGF 2 Teaser! The teaser of the highly-awaited KGF Chapter 2 has created a huge record by garnering 148 million views and still seems unstoppable. Within few minutes of the release, KGF 2 teaser became the number 1 Twitter trend in India. On YouTube too, KGF 2 kept trending and still competing with many by grabbing one of the top trending slots. Whopping 148 million views on YouTube is a rare feat in the entertainment industry.

KGF: Chapter 1, which was released in 2018, won two National Awards in 2019 for Best Action and Best Special Effects. Releasing the KGF 2 teaser, Hombale Films on YouTube wrote, “Here We Go, Glimpse Into An Empire Called KGF and a Glance of Rocky’s World. Hombale Films Presents the Official Teaser of KGF Chapter 2.”

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