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Mother-Son’s Pure Love To Rocky’s Sublime Assassin Swag, Here’s Why KGF Is Such A Big Phenomena

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“Gang lekar aane wale hote hain…Gangster…..Vo akelaa aata tha…ha..ha…! Monster”

Cinema is always evolving. The past handful number of years have warmed the audience into embracing and appreciating content from all corners of the world. Back home, even the movie-making business has upped the ante where regional films have collectively found acceptance by the entire nation.

Ever since Baahubali received a magnanimous response from the country and the world, South Indian films are now taken very seriously. In fact, several Hindi movie makers have openly accepted that they feel intimidated by the spectacular talent that people down south possess.

After Baahubali and 2.0, it was Kannada film KGF Chapter 1 that made a home in the hearts of cinephiles. With all the elements of a commercial potboiler and heroism, KGF managed to rake in all the love and appreciation. So much so that people were waiting in anticipation for its sequel just like Baahubali.

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