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Ninnindale is going places

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Puneeth Rajkumar’s latest release Ninnindale opened to a mixed response in the state. The film, which was dubbed a class film, has apparently been doing well among multiplex audiences, but this is not the case in B and C centres, admits producer Vijay Kirangadur.

“We have not lost money on the film. But yes, we have not made as much profit as we expected, especially considering the fact that this is Puneeth’s first release in over a year. The B and C centres did not respond well and there were complaints that the film is too long. We shortened it, and after that there have been no complaints,” he says, adding that the film’s two-week run in Pune was encouraging.
And Vijay is now hoping that Ninnindale will be a hit with Kannadiga audiences abroad, as the film is slated to be released in Germany, US, the Middle East, Australia and Singapore. “On the weekend of February 1 and 2, there will be shows of Ninnindale in Munich, Germany. On February 9, there will be a simultaneous release in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, as well as nine cities in the US, including New Jersey, California, Texas, etc. By February 14, we will take the film to Australia, with shows in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and finally head to Singapore for a couple of shows on March 2, says the filmmaker.

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