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Pathaan movie review: Shah Rukh Khan the superstar is back to revive Bollywood

The hype is worth it. The wait – four-and-a-half years of it – was worth it. And braving the winter chills to catch the first day first show was totally worth it. Pathaan is the kind of blockbuster Bollywood has been waiting for amidst its post-pandemic gloom. Eulogies have been given, tombstones erected and Bollywood has been declared dead but Pathaan revives it. And quite fittingly, it is all done on the shoulders of the man who defined superstardom for two decades – Shah Rukh Khan. In his comeback film, the man reminds the audiences why he was called king and sends a message to one and all: ‘superstardom zinda hai!’

Pathaan is the stoy of the titular RAW agent (Shah Rukh), who is returning to action after years in exile. A bit meta and on the nose but it fits. He has been brought back to stop his old nemesis Jim (John Abraham back as a memorable villain).

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