Pinki Elli to hit theatres after a successful run at film festivals

Prithvi Konanur’s Pinki Elli, which has been garnering success and acclaim at various film festivals both in India and on the international stages for over two years, is now set to release in theaters on June 2. The film delves into the dark world of child trafficking and the begging mafia, drawing inspiration from a true incident highlighted in a news article about a baby from an affluent family who went missing after becoming involved with the begging mafia. According to the director, the intriguing aspect of Pinki Elli lies in the eight-month-old child and the characters surrounding the child.

Pinki Elli marks Prithvi Konanur’s third directorial venture, following his previous film, Railway Children, which shed light on young children involved in drug abuse, sexual harassment, and other crimes.

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