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Puneeth’s Rajkumara is a two-in-one film

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Puneeth Rajkumar’s new film, Rajkumara, will be a two in-one film. The film will have two stories bridged by Puneeth’s character. Director Santhosh Anandram said, ‘The first half will be one story and second half another. It is a two-in-one film in that sense. But Puneeth’s character will bridge the two. You will realise that they are two different stories only when you watch the entire film.’ Santhosh, who made a sensational debut with Mr & Mrs Ramachari, got the idea for this film while travelling in a cab to office. ‘I was working in Infosys and the cab used to arrive at 5 am. The next one hour was spent travelling and thinking about films. Ideas for 6-7 films came to me that way.Ihad the idea for this film even before I wrote Mr & Mrs Ramachari,’ he said. Santhosh and team have spent the last one year developing the script.

‘I had to start my career on a safe bet. So it had to be a romance (Ramachari). This (Rajkumara) is a heavy subject. If I had tried to sell this idea as a first time director, it would have been near impossible to convince anyone. So, I started my career as a director with Ramachari. Yash agreed to do the film and by God’s grace it worked. After proving myself as a director, I could tell the idea of Rajkumara to others.The producer or the hero would now have faith in me and believe I can execute it,’ Santhosh said. While Ramachari too had an sub-plot about the relationship between a father and his son, Rajkumara is about the relationship between parents and their kids. ‘We speak of a cycle where parents take care of kids when they are young. When the kids grow up, they take care of parents like their kids. The title Rajkumara refers to how kids are called by their parents. A very good, responsible kid who performs all his duties is referred to as the ‘Rajkumara (prince) of the family’. Puneeth’s personality in the film is of such a ‘Rajkumara’ and it is not the name of the character.Puneeth’s character is cheerful. Though this character faces all kinds of hurdles and challenging situations, he remains a pure soul,’ the director said. He adds that the film is not about one ‘father and a son’ but has a generalised theme.

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