‘Raja Marthanda’ review: A fitting tribute to Chiranjeevi Sarja’s devoted fanbase

Raja Marthanda bids a regal farewell to late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja’s cinematic journey. Directed by Ram Narayan, this film’s unique aspect is the involvement of Chiranjeevi’s sibling, Dhruva Sarja, who lends his voice to the protagonist, Raja (portrayed by Chiranjeevi Sarja).

The film introduces Raja, a wandering soul, who lives with his grandmother, Sumithra. We also meet Geetha (Deepti Sati), a dedicated medical scholar who researches split personality disorder. Their paths serendipitously intersect, piquing Geetha’s interest in Raja’s distinctive behaviour during confrontations, inciting her desire to delve deeper into his psyche. However, as the plot unfolds, it becomes evident that Raja’s erratic behaviour is not a result of a psychological disorder but rather an expression of his ‘Royal lineage’.

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