Review of Shabaash Mithu movie: Taapsee Pannu leads Mithali Raj biopic to victory despite hiccups

You don’t always have to win to be termed a winner – that’s the learning we take home from the Mithali Raj Biopic, Shabaash Mithu, fronted by Taapsee Pannu. In the initial portions, director Srijit Mukherji establishes the plight of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team, which is struggling to not just win a game but fighting for basic needs like food, shelter, cricket kits and a lot more. The filmmaker also brings in a refreshing take to the story by also focusing on the childhood portions of Mithali Raj, going deep into how exactly she found love for the game, and the journey from there on. It’s a tale that encapsulates not just the rise of a legend named Mithali Raj, but also the collective rise of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team at a global level.

With a holistic approach to her life, one is able to be on the journey of Mithali Raj to make it big for the country. What starts as a personal battle, eventually ends up being a fight for the team, to be noticed in a country that worships the male cricketers. The dramatic portion is where the core conflict of the film lies, and Srijit manages to make a statement without overtly going on the face of the male vs female sentiment.

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