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Teaser of Tamil Film Karuppar Nagaram Packed With Raw And Fierce Visuals

The teaser for the much-anticipated Tamil film Karuppar Nagaram” has made its official debut on YouTube, stirring considerable excitement and anticipation among eager fans. Released on November 9, 2023, via the official Sri Thenandal Films channel, the teaser has swiftly captured attention, amassing over 135,000 views and numerous likes on the platform.
Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Gopi Nainar and produced by R Ramesh under the banner of RR Film Makers, Karuppar Nagaram delves into themes of equality and oppression. The teaser, characterised by its raw and fierce visuals, provides a glimpse into the narrative, portraying the struggles and sufferings of marginalised individuals. The powerful imagery has resonated strongly with viewers, evident in the supportive and anticipatory comments flooding the video.

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