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Yuvarathna Movie Review

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With each passing day, Kannada films are getting a wide release in the Telugu states. In such a time, a film called Yuvaratna starring Puneeth Raj Kumar is out. Read this review of us and find out if the film is worth a watch.


Arjun(Puneet Raj Kumar)joins RK college as a student with a past. Upon his entry into the college, so many crazy incidents happen and change the course of the film. This is the time, the college principal(Prakash Raj) reveals that Arjun’s real name is Yuvaratna and he has joined the college with a special purpose. What is that and what’s his back story is the story of Yuvarathna.


The film is heavily inspired by Chay Akkineni’s Josh. One can say that the same story has been remixed and brought in for the Kannada audience. The scenes are predictable and the action episodes you have seen them many times in Telugu films. The premise is routine and has been set up on a known level.

Thaman has given the music and he has used all the scores from his previous films and elevated the proceedings. The twists in the film are bought in nicely but the manner in which they are executed is not that great. The film is rich and the presence of Prakash Raj matters a lot and gives depth.

The camerawork is amazing but there are not too many Telugu faces in the film. However, Puneet Raj Kumar does his bit and comes down supremely well on the expectations laid on him. his dances, fights, and dialogues will surely be loved in Karnataka.

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